How to Choose the Best Blender For Smoothies

As we know from history, the first blender was warmly received by barmen and cooks. At that time in America was established a dry law, which inevitably led to all sorts of machinations with alcohol.

The new device made it easy to cook an entire evening a huge number of cocktails, in which alcohol was mixed. Then on the shelves of shops in sunny California there were the first bottles with a drink called “smothie”, and even after a time and a blender for smoothies. Read smoothie blender reviews by yamakamatako

Types of Blenders for Smoothies

The preparation of smoothies consists in thoroughly grinding the ingredients until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Unfortunately, not any blender will cope with the task, so the choice must be taken seriously. To begin with it is necessary to be defined with type. There are only two of them: submersible and stationary.

Stationary blender for smoothies in this regard is much more convenient. Full autonomy provides a reliable enclosure with an integrated motor and a capacitance that tightly closes. A blender glass for smoothies is easily removed, which allows you to gently pour the product into a suitable dish. There are models to which the brightly sealed bottles for transportation come. The power, and hence the speed of stationary blenders, is an order of magnitude higher than that of immersed blenders, which allows achieving the desired consistency of smoothies.

Separately, it is necessary to distinguish a mini blender for smoothies, which is a small device capable of operating from batteries or batteries, charging from usb output of a computer or a conventional power supply, for example, a phone.

A small and portable blender is great for making green smoothies and baby food. It is convenient to take it with you to fitness training or to visit, when you go with a small child.


Criteria for choosing a blender for smoothies

To know which one to choose a blender for smoothies, first you need to familiarize yourself with its characteristics. It is necessary to pay attention to several points:

  • Choose a powerful blender for smoothies;
  • Volume and material of the bowl (for stationary);
  • High-speed modes.

The quality of grinding and the service life of the device depend on the power. If you do not plan to grind ice and solid products, you can get by with a low-power model, but think carefully about your decision. To work with solid ingredients, 600-700 watts is enough. There is also a more professional blender for smoothies, but the price is an order of magnitude higher for the same results.

The volume of a bowl for a stationary blender is better to pick up a little more than you drink a cocktail usually. In the finished form smoothies will not fill the container to the brim, so for larger families it is better to choose bowls from 1.5 liters.

Also you must not forget about its material. The glass bowl of the blender is considered preferable because of its appearance and lack of odors. Plastic eventually darkens, but it is more difficult to break it by imprudence.

Speed regimes regulate the speed of rotation of the blades and are in direct proportion to the power. For smoothies, you need at least 2 speeds, otherwise the homogeneous mass will not work. Some models provide more than 10 speed modes plus several modes of operation: turbo and impulsive. Among inexpensive blenders for smoothies, there are many suitable options for the speed parameter.

Which blender is better for smoothies?

It is for smoothies that the ideal blender will be an ideal option. Submersible models are much longer cope with shredding, and the consistency in the end will not be sufficiently homogeneous.

In addition to the ideal grinding, the stationary device can boast more power, a convenient bowl and auto-cleaning (in some models). In addition, such devices are much cheaper due to the lack of a lot of additional attachments and functions, which are still not needed when making smoothies.

Come to the choice with the mind, and you will never be disappointed in your blender!

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