How to Start and Run a Successful Juicing Business

An increasing number of people give preference to the juices which are freshly squeezed. Drinks full of preservatives aren’t in demand anymore. This is a great opportunity for an entrepreneur who wishes to run a prosperous business.
This is the basic equipment for your start but the essential part is to have the best masticating juicers. They are the main instrument in this case.

Even though selling juices looks straightforward, there’re aspects to think about in advance. For example, you will need to get a permission from health departments and unique recipes and the best equipment as well. Here is a guide that could give you a headstart.

Fresh Juice

Write a Business Plan

To begin with, create a business plan. The aspects to consider are:
• Details about the niche.
• Business model.
• Operating expenses/profit.
• Marketing strategies.
• Information about vendors.

Learn More About Health Laws

Raw juice laws vary according to the region. According to FDA, raw juice in U.S. can be sold straight to a consumer by the means of retail. Things are different in Japan. It’s required to sell juices at the same location where you run business. In Australia juicing business faces almost no regulations though. You are free to wholesale as you wish.
What does it mean for you? The best idea is to start your business in the region where the laws are more relaxed. To know more about health regulations in your area, contact the local health department.

Find Your Own Recipe

Find Your Own Recipe
In order to stand out on the market of fresh drinks, you need to work hard on juice recipes. It’s better to play around with flavors that are not commonly sold in a grocery store. Exotic fruits and unexpected decisions will give you a chance to stay in demand.
A varied menu is another good idea. It will give the customers a stir to choose your drinks. For instance, orange and apple juice are common flavors. You can use them as the basis for your menu. How about watermelon-acai? This is the way to please your customers.

Assemble the Requisite Equipment

To start a successful juicing business there’rea few things to obtain. Here’s what you need:
• Refrigeration
• Ice machine
• Sinks
• Prep equipment

Here’re the best masticating juicers to consider.

Argus Le-Slow

Argus Le-Slow – This vertical masticating juicer is an affordable choice. It operates at 32RPM. Owing to a 3-in-1 auger system it can squeeze, filter and collect your juice. It is equipped with a 3-inch feed tube. It helps accommodatelarger foods and save on prep worktime.There’s a smart cap to avoid leaking.
Omega 6th
Omega 6th Generation-Nutrition Center – The machine operates at 80RPM. It boasts dual stage masticating extraction system. There’re five adjustable settings to maximize juice output. It’s equipped with continuous juicing system with automatic pulp ejection, and is also a horizontal juicer which makes it possible to produce nut buttersor almond milk as well.
Tribest Slowstar – This is a vertical type of juicer operating at 47 RPM. Due to a dual-blade auger, it cuts and juices at a faster speed than its competitors. The juicer offers you the same torque as a 9-hp motor provides. The juice cap makes it possible to control the flow of the juice.


These were the basic tips on how to start and run juicing business. Be sure to take them into account when starting off.

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