Juices for Skin

Everyone knows about the benefits and nutrition of juices, but the juices not only quench thirst, saturate, supply our body with vitamins and minerals, treat various diseases and simply please us with its amazing taste and freshness. By regaining and preserving our health, the juices preserve our beauty: they nourish the skin, hair, nails, whiten teeth, make bright and brilliant look. You can use juices not only from inside, but also from the outside, as skin care products: cleansing, tonic, rejuvenating, whitening, etc.


Juices for the skin: how the juice affects the skin

How the juice affects the skin

Refreshes and nourishes the skin of carrot juice. You can just put on your face finely grated carrots and lie down for 20 minutes. Wiping your face with carrot juice, you will get a light tan; a mixture of carrot juice and lemon can whiten freckles and pigment spots. Care for oily and dry skin can be supplemented with tomato juice. Oily, porous skin will improve if you make compresses of fresh tomato juice, putting on your face for 20 minutes soaked napkin.

Dry skin will be moistened and will cease to peel off if you make tomato masks with starch and vegetable oil. The tomato should be grated, add a little starch and a few drops of butter. The mask should be kept for 20 minutes.

Cucumber juice for skin

Cucumber juice for skin

Cucumber juice has long been used in folk cosmetology – to care for the face, neck and hands. With its help clarify and eliminate freckles and age spots; it bleaches the skin, smoothes it and narrows the pores.

You can prepare a simple lotion without alcohol, and several times a day to wipe their face to give the skin whiteness, lighten the pigment spots and freckles. Fresh cucumber peel pour water at room temperature (1 cup) and infuse for 6 hours.

Of cucumber juice can also make ice cubes – they wipe their face. Frozen cucumber juice refreshes, tones and brightens the skin of any type.

Cabbage juice for skin

Cabbage juice for skin

Cabbage juice is also always successfully used for cosmetic purposes – juice of fresh and sauerkraut was used. By washing cabbage juice, you can rejuvenate the skin. Sluggish and wrinkled skin will become more elastic and smooth if you make masks from the juice of fresh cabbage with the addition of oatmeal.

Freckles and age spots can also be whitened with cabbage juice. Juice fresh cabbage soak a layer of cotton, put on face for 15 minutes, rinse with cold water.

Juice of sauerkraut just rub your face every day, or impose on the pigmented spots moistened in it a napkin – for 10 minutes. Such a mask is done every other day until the spots brighten, no more than 30 times per one course.

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