Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning your beloved car takes a lot of time and money if you go to a cleaning company. You can bring the salon in order and independently, not at all to the detriment of quality. You just need to know how and what type of vacuum cleaner to choose.

For this, it is necessary to understand their varieties, parameters and selection criteria.

Types of best cordless car vacuums

Immediately mention that we will not consider the classic vacuum cleaners with power from the network 220V. Although they can be used for cleaning in a car, they can not be called “automotive” because of their poor mobility. However, if you want to choose such a device for cleaning the car in a garage, an article about choosing a modern vacuum cleaner without a dust bag can be found here.


One of the main options for classifying car vacuum cleaners is the type of power supply:

  • With power from the vehicle’s onboard network, connecting to the cigarette lighter. Ideal for general cleaning due to the fact that it can work quite a long time. One of the possible inconveniences, although, in my opinion, and a few pulled by the ears – the presence of a long power cord, which can get confused during cleaning. It is also important to remember that the car’s battery is sufficiently charged;
  • Rechargeable vacuum cleaners, powered by built-in batteries. Due to the lack of a power cord, it is more convenient to work with such a device than with a wired one – you can climb into any hard-to-reach place. Their essential disadvantage is that the charge lasts for a maximum of half an hour, but this is enough for a moderate regular cleaning;
  • Disadvantages of 1 and 2 type car vacuum cleaners are deprived of combined devices. They can work either from the on-board network or from built-in rechargeable batteries. The cost of such devices is on average higher than the rest in the amount of 500-700 rubles or more.

Another possible classification implies a cleaning method – dry or wet. There is also a third kind, combining the two methods. Wet cleaning will not be superfluous for car owners with an allergy to dust. Also, such devices will come to the place if the upholstery has stains from spilled drinks and other things.

Knowing the basic ways of powering devices and methods of cleaning the interior, you will be better at understanding how to choose a car vacuum cleaner. But this is not enough.

Other important selection criteria

The service life and efficiency of the car vacuum cleaner are influenced by:

  • power on which the suction capacity depends. A simple rule “the more powerful, the better” is valid here. The most powerful car vacuum cleaners have a power of 160 W, average values ​​are about 90 W. However, in the case of battery models, higher power can mean less battery life;
  • equipment. Pay special attention to the dust collector. It can be a container or a bag. Models without a bag with a transparent dust collector are more practical – the capacity in them is easier to clean and wash, it is better to see its occupancy. Also the convenience will add a large dust collector – in this case it will be enough for the entire cleaning process in the car and you will not have to stop;
  • filters and seals. As in any vacuum cleaner, in the automotive industry, the quality of the filter elements and sealing pads is very important. they provide protection against the penetration of dust to the outside of the vacuum cleaner;
  • additional options and equipment. For the most convenient cleaning, it is desirable that the device is maintained wet cleaning mode, and the kit includes a turbo brush, as well as a slotted nozzle (for hard-to-reach places).

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