When is it Better to Eat Fruits Without Harm to Health?

Do not eat fruit on an empty stomach! OrĀ  Do not eat fruit after eating – these and other common
beliefs confuse everyone who has ever thought about proper nutrition. Let’s figure out how long after
the meal you can eat fruit, and when you can not.
So, the correct use of fruit often depends not on whether you eat an apple hungry or full stomach, but
from the general condition of your body. And, of course, on the acidity of the fruit you have chosen.
If you have chronic or minor problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then carefully read these
recommendations and remember them to avoid the negative consequences of fruitless consumption of

Who and how you can eat fruits

fruits salad

To a healthy person without special problems with the gastrointestinal tract, one should eat fruits and
berries in breaks between basic meals so as not to disturb the normal acid balance of the stomach. For
example, you can eat strawberries one hour after dinner and you will not feel any discomfort.

The thing is that during the time interval between the main meals, all the food you ate at breakfast or
lunch will be digested, and the level of acidity will still be high. This will improve and accelerate the
process of digesting fruit without feeling heavy in the stomach.

People with poor digestion and low acidity should eat fruit 30 minutes before the main meal. The fact
that the acids that are in the fruit, help to improve the production of gastric juice, which has a beneficial
effect on digestion and the process of digestion.

People with high acidity should gently eat berries (especially cherries and currants), and sour apples are
not recommended at all. Fruits are eaten after half an hour after meals so that the acids do not increase
the already high concentration of acidity in the stomach acidity to a dangerous level. If you neglect this
rule, then up to gastritis, ulcers are not far away.

By the way, does not affect the acidity of melon alone, it can be eaten an hour and a half before meals,
in addition, the melon is rich in fiber and if it affects digestion, it’s only positive.

How to get more out of fruits

To fruit for you were not only a delicious meal but also a useful product, you need to follow some simple
rules for their use.

  1. Do not eat fruit when you just ate. You can eat fruit at any time of the day (if everything is good with
    the digestive tract), but not after eating.
  2. If you ate a fruit, then wait 30 minutes and then eat another food.
  3. It is best to eat fruit in the morning. They raise the level of sugar and help to "wake up" the digestive
  4. Do not eat fruit with foods that are difficult to digest. For example, compressed meat.
  5. Bananas and avocados – a heavy product, they do not need to eat at night.
  6. Fresh fruit is better than frozen, and much more useful than canned (as there is a lot of sugar in

And a few more tips

Some fruits have their own special disadvantages and pluses, and our digestive system can react to
them in different ways. Therefore, they should be highlighted in a separate sub-item in your head.


As we know, pears are quite a heavy product. However, the pear helps to arouse appetite and improve
digestion, has a diuretic effect. If you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then you should eat
a pear before eating, to improve digestion and go to the toilet more often.


Several pieces of kiwi can be eaten after dinner – they will help get rid of the feeling of heaviness in the
stomach, relieve heartburn. Kiwi can be eaten with meat, and with fish, and even with ham. You can not
eat kiwi with dairy products – it is fraught with swelling and other digestive disorders.


Do not eat apples before meals, in case you have diabetes or have problems with the gastrointestinal

Grapes are delicious, but it can cause the fermentation process in the intestines, which can lead to
unpleasant consequences. Also, do not drink water immediately after you ate the grapes – you can get
diarrhea. In addition, do not eat grapes for people with diabetes.

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